Home Preparation

My job is to get you top dollar for your home. I am responsible for many of the things it will take to get us there and there are some things that are your responsibility.

Before I list your home, I will review your home with you and look at it in the eyes of potential buyers. Has the home been maintained? Does it look like there is a lot of work for the buyer to do or is it turnkey?

Rest assured I always work with the seller’s home preparation budget, but I also know that some improvements really can yield some big returns and I will share these with you. My goal is to maximize your asking price and ideally, I want to net you so much more that it costs you nothing to hire me! Check out the example below.

Working with Eric Working with ?
Current Market Value of Home: $325,000 Current Market Value of Home: $325,000
Eric’s suggested improvements: $5000 Suggested Improvements: $0
Market Value After Improvements: $350,000 Market Value After Improvements: $325,000
Listing Commission: $10,500 Listing Commission: $9,750
Net before other costs: $334,500 Net before other costs: $315,250

“Sounds great Eric! How do we get started?”

I have some questions for you. I would love to understand your selling goals, get a list of any improvements and upgrades you have done. Then let’s chat, take a tour of your home, and we can make a plan from there!